I've hiked up a volcano in Nicaragua, meditated in Melbourne, and feasted on incredible raw food in restaurants in Bali. I've kayaked with sea turtles in the Whitsunday Islands in Australia, camped deep in the quiet and pristine jungles in Costa Rica, and snowboarded, skied and snowshoed my way through the Rocky Mountains. I've also learned about clean eating, hiked, surfed,  practiced yoga and cycled in many places I've visited around the world. I love to travel. I also love being active and nurturing myself with good, healthy food.

Travel with celery is all about my journey towards wellness around the world and about trusting my body and continuing to learn from personal experience.

"If you love living, you try to take care of the equipment."

-Sally Rand

I want to inspire you to live and travel with intention. Taking care of yourself and the world around you ensures that both will thrive . By eating a clean, healthy plant-based diet and actively enjoying the wonders of nature you'll be contributing to your health and that of the earth so you can continue to take in all of its amazing sights.

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Q & A

Who Are You?

I'm Chantal, and I've recently decided to join a growing number of people who are making travelling the world a full-time lifestyle choice. I also happen to have had a number of pretty severe health issues, including food intolerances, thyroid cancer, and a string of severe infections in the past, despite always living a very active lifestyle and eating relatively well (read more about my health issues and how I took control of them here).  In my adventures in the past year, I've learned so much about how to listen to my body and give it what it needs. I've gained insight into how to drastically reduce my stress levels and build up my health while creating a life I'm crazy about. I want to share this information with you and encourage you to do the same! 

Why celery? 

You can read that story, as well as the amazing benefits of celery here

What type of diet do you follow? Are you vegan? Raw vegan?

I don't follow any specific eating 'plan'. I try to eat in a clean and nourishing way. 

I have sensitivities to a number of foods, including dairy, eggs, soy, caffeine, gluten and corn. For these reasons I mostly eat vegan but do eat fish and chicken every so often.  I also love love raw foods and the way they make me feel, so I eat them as much as I can!

At different points in my life my diet has been quite different. I really believe that whatever works for you is best as long as the majority of your food is unprocessed and plant-based. 

Where are you going next?

Read about The Next Step in my journey. 

What's your travelling style?

Like I mentioned above, I don't have a set itinerary right now. I'm travelling where there is opportunity for me and where I can continue to learn and live healthfully. I like to travel slowly and often stay in places for a while to really explore and get the 'feel' for a place. I prefer that over trying to see as many places as possible just for the sake of saying I've been there. I have done a number of housesits and hope to try out some work-stay exchange programs like WWOOFING so that I can see more places on a budget. 

Any other questions for me? Email me or comment on the posts. I would love to hear from you!