This is my fourth time visiting Costa Rica. I can’t seem to stay away from this place that holds such a clear space in and for my spirit. I’ve always believed we can learn so much from place: the different physical, geographical, cultural, social tones and our perception of how we fit in to them. Each time I am here, I experience something new.

 This space that is created continues to grow as I see paths that never existed in my life or mind before. I am continuously pushed me out of my comfort zone in so many ways as it feels like this place is supporting self-reflection over and over and over again.



Bringing me back to yoga. Back to the sea. Back to myself. Keeping me in tune with the ebb and flow of life, when it’s lived purely.



I arrived here in mid-June and first visited a beautiful little treehouse village North of Golfito, then upon a recommendation decided to head north instead of straight to Pavones, where I planned on going. I ended up in Dominical, a little beach town near Playa Hermosa that is very quiet at this time of year. There were some great wellness options there, even during the ‘green season’ when it rains most afternoons:

In addition the to their Aussie-style coffee options, Café Mono Congo offers amazing fresh veggie juices, smoothies and kombucha and a menu full of vegetarian, gluten free and vegan plates in a cool little café complete with swing-seats perched over the mouth of the river. I loved the veggie burrito and the fresh salad. I skipped the cheese in both, and they were still delicious and flavourful with colourful crunchy raw veggies. The burrito is big, perfect for sharing and all the prices were mid-range (3,000 colones or 6$USD for the burrito, 2,000 colones or 4$USD for the salad, 3,200 colones or about 6.50$USD for the veggie juices). They are located at the north end of Domical in the small plaza with the sushi restaurant, which is also tasty and fresh.


My visit also happened to coincide with the grand opening of Mama Toucan, a health-food store stocking all of your favourite healthy goodies ranging from nut milks, gluten-free options and health supplements to natural beauty products and other items that are hard to get your hands on in many areas of Costa Rica.

 Bamboo Yoga Play / Danyasa Eco Resort is a beautiful yoga studio in the centre of town that offered a morning class at 9:00 am each day and 6:00 pm on weekdays. I made it to a morning class each of the three days I was there: a Power Alignment class, and two Gentle Vinyasa classes. Each class was an hour and a half, and was varied and interesting. I loved how one of the teachers, Maite, slowed down the flow and brought it back to basics to create a really strong foundation for practice.


 There are lots of other options for being active here, including a waterfall hike, and numerous water activities including surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, snorkelling, kayaking and diving.

I stayed at the Sundancer hostel, just a few minutes from the beach and with a small pool. The rooms had A/C and were modest. Prices start at 16$USD per night. There are a wide range of hostels and hotels for all price ranges available. I didn’t have a reservation and there were still lots of options when I arrived, but I would imagine that the winter months can get quite busy.

Dominical is accessible by bus from San Jose (about 2 hours), or from the south from Golfito (about 2.5 hours). It is also an easy drive along the highway if you prefer to rent a car.