I found Pressed Juices soon after I moved to Melbourne, and was impressed by their wide range of fresh green juices, smoothies and almond milks. They are a higher end shop -the one I frequented is on the iconic and expensive Collins Street- and their juices reflect this. At around $9.00 each, they’re a bit dear, but the evident thought and care they put into creating the juices themselves and the excellent shopping experience never left me feeling overcharged. I purchased the bulk pass a number of times, which sells denominations of eight juices at a slight discount.

I was itching to do a juice cleanse for a few weeks, but could never fully justify spending just under $200 on it. I decided that I would work at my job a couple of days longer than I had initially planned and treat myself to it in the week before I left Australia. I also cut back on my spending leading up to it by living a lot more frugally.   The timing ended up being perfect. It felt really good to detox a bit and get myself in a new mind frame before I travelled and separated from Robi.

I decided to do the three day advanced cleanse, as I had done juice cleanses in the past and felt comfortable and excited about having more pure green juices. When I went to the shop to choose the juices that I’d be drinking I was looking forward to trying a wider range than the usual standbys I often picked up on my way to work. My favourites were Greens #1, a super-green juice with spinach, cucumber, celery, lettuce, kale and parsley and Greens #4, with those same ingredients plus lemon. When I only have a juice here and there I go for a really good hit of veggies and chlorophyll.  I hadn’t tried any of the Earth juices or the Zest or Zings, so I was excited to have a few of those.

The many choices on the shelves at Pressed Juices.

The many choices on the shelves at Pressed Juices.

I was surprised to learn from the helpful salesgirl that for the cleanses you generally choose your six juices for the day and have those same ones for each day of the cleanse.  That seemed a bit boring to me. Having done cleanses before, I know that the excitement factor is really, really important for me. I love to eat, and when I can’t have some sort of variety I get bored and am much more likely to want to eat foods that aren’t part of the cleansing program. Even when I’m not doing a cleanse, I love to vary my meals and try new things.

 With a bit of persuasion I was able to convince her to let me mix things up a bit each day. I realised as I was choosing my juices that I could easily have bought the bulk pass of 24 bottles for the same price and gotten whatever my little heart desired. It would have been easy to simply look at the suggested ordering of juice types that are on brochures and the chalkboard in the store to create my very personalised detox. If you’d like more variety and are comfortable doing this I’d suggest it. After I finished making my selections and taste-testing almost all the juices, I was set up for the next week.

Here’s a bit of a breakdown of how each day went for me. I had some expectations about how I would feel and was preparing for an emotional rollercoaster and a lack of energy, though I tried my best not to let these expectations influence my experience.

Day 1:

11:00 am: Arrived home after running some errands including picking up my first order of juice for the first day and a half of the cleanse. It was a later start than expected but I actually don’t mind because I often delay my breakfast until I’m hungry. My first drink is a green juice, and as expected it’s delicious. I also try the chlorophyll water that you’re meant to sip throughout the day, which I also really enjoyed. I should note early on that I love that ‘green’ taste which some people who aren’t used to say tastes like dirt, so I’m a bit biased.

1:00 pm: At this point my stomach is starting to gurgle. Not necessarily from hunger, but there is definitely something happening in there. I am also feeling a bit anxious, which isn’t really a surprise as my nervous system is already a bit amped up from some things that happened earlier this morning. I have my next drink, an Earth juice, and feel great afterwards.

I decide to check out the Pressed Juice website to see if I can find out any information about B.P.A. in their plastic bottles. Two salespeople I spoke to at the store were unsure whether the bottles were free of this endocrine-disruptor. I am delighted by their website, and though I couldn’t find an answer to my question end up browsing for about 20 minutes. It is very interactive and you can find a lot of info on there. There is information about each drink they offer, including nutritional information, and how it helps in the cleansing process. I love to get as much information as possible about the things I’m putting into my body so I found this to be a great resource.  After exploring the site I send an email to them to get to the bottom of the B.P.A. question, and begin doing some work, packing and other things around the house for a while.

3:00 pm: The fact that the juices are so tasty is really making it a lot easier. I am always looking forward to my next one.  At this point I’m feeling like I need a nap, even though I haven’t done anything very strenuous today and slept really well last night. I always have a bit of a lull in my energy in the late afternoon, though, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

7:00 pm:I am feeling really calm, quiet and introspective. I noticed that when Robi came home from work I was very relaxed around him and didn’t feel a need to talk constantly. Unusual and wonderful. I’m not even hungry at this point and am thinking that I’d love to do this for longer than three days.

Pressed Juices has also responded to my email and confirmed that their bottles don’t have BPA in them. Another point for them.

Day 2:

7:00 am: I had a few weird dreams, but am feeling really rested, energized and clear-headed. I grab my first drink out the fridge, a thick Green Smoothie with avocado, greens and other deliciousness and enjoy it slowly.  It’s really nice to know that I can just go to the fridge, and grab my next ‘meal’. The lack of planning makes it different from other cleanses I’ve done where I’ve had to plan my own meals out. If I didn’t’ have time to do it for the next day I’d be stuck throwing something together. As you might imagine that didn’t always happen and I’d end up eating something convenient and healthy but not optimal. This system really takes the guesswork out of it.

Colourful juices greet me when I open my fridge.

Colourful juices greet me when I open my fridge.

2:00 pm: Am heading over to the yoga studio to do some Karma Yoga, and a class. I’ve made sure to pack my next two juices.  Am feeling great and still have lots of energy so early concerns about doing strenuous physical activity don’t seem to be an issue.

5:30 pm: I felt great doing the karma yoga. Even during the hot vinyasa flow yoga class I felt a bit weak but really good. I’m glad I have the rest of the evening off to relax, because I have a touch of a headache, and when I start getting a headache I like to lie low in case it happens to turn into a full-blown migraine.  Still haven’t had any hunger pangs to speak of, which is a bit of a surprise for me.

8:00 pm: The little headache I had has dissipated, and I’m again feeling centred, calm and great. Winding down for bed and looking forward to a deep sleep.

Day 3:

9:00 am: Again I woke up feeling how I anticipated feeling the whole time: tired, a bit slow, like I could at any time close my eyes and nap. I do some stretching first thing and putter around the house.  My skin is breaking out a bit, but that’s not really a surprise as generally when I cleanse it happens and I know it means the toxins are moving around (and hopefully exiting) my body.

12:00 pm: I was planning on going to yoga almost until the time came to leave, then I decided I was getting a lot done and was feeling a bit fatigued, so I stayed home.  I’m glad I did because my stomach has started gurgling and doing flip-flops. A lot. I have not experienced this before.  It still doesn’t feel like hunger, and it doesn’t hurt, just feels like a lot of movement. Maybe it’s really cleaning itself out? That’s what I’m going to tell myself.

3:00 pm: I am having some mild pangs of hunger and find myself opening and closing the refrigerator. I’m still really enjoying the juices but I’m also starting to think about food a lot again. It occurred to me that I haven’t really thought about food much, which is a pretty exciting thing for me….food is always on my mind. I decided to have a sip of probiotic juice (sauerkraut juice), which gave me the very slightest bit of a headache, but felt really good in my stomach.

Three of my favourites. The Smooth Balance smoothie always made me feel calm.

Three of my favourites. The Smooth Balance smoothie always made me feel calm.

5:00 pm: Just got up from a nap. I didn’t really fall asleep though, just a light rest and a bit of lucid dreaming. My energy is still low but I’m more clear headed than I’ve been in a long time. The clarity of my thoughts has improved greatly, and my emotions are much more even-keeled which is one of the biggest things I notice when I’m eating really clean.

8:00 pm: The grand finale for me is the chocolate almond milk, which I wouldn’t generally include in a cleanse because I am sensitive to even the small amount of caffeine in chocolate, but it was certainly a treat. My neck and throat are a bit tight from it, though.

11:00 pm: Am still awake and feeling stressed. I think that the chocolate did affect me quite a bit. Will keep doing some deep breathing and try to get some rest! Could also be because of the nap I had today.

Day 4:

I’m a bit surprised to say that I’m not looking forward to eating food again, and my first meal is a homemade green smoothie.

This felt very easy for me to do. As I mentioned, I barely felt hungry throughout the three days, which makes a huge difference. I felt energised, clear-minded and calm through most of it, and notice a definite difference in my eyes and skin. I was really surprised that I had enough energy to do a hot vinyasa yoga class, and am so glad I did because all that sweating left me feeling even more cleaned out and strong.

 I noticed the next time I had some not-so-great food a few days later it really hit me and I felt pretty sick. Which I take as great sign. The more my body rejects the less healthy food, the more likely I am to stick to super clean, alive and nutrient dense meals. Since then I have been eating better than average, even though I’m in Asia now. I’d definitely recommend doing a juice cleanse, and Pressed Juices really took all the stress out of it for me. Not to mention (again) that their juices really are very good and fresh.

 *Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and can’t make any health recommendations for you. I am simply sharing my experience and some of my knowledge. If you’re new to cleansing of any sort, I’d highly suggest talking to a naturopath or holistic health practitioner about it and changing your diet significantly before attempting it, including adding many more greens and juices leading up to it. Detoxing can bring up a lot of emotional, physical and mental ‘stuff’ that can be scary if you don’t know what’s going on.