I am a huge fan of eating my probiotics (instead of paying outrageous amounts for a pill), and fermented foods are always one of the first things I look for when I’m in a new place.




This delicious brand of sauerkraut is made in Byron Bay, and was widely available in health food stores in Australia. There are many varieties of  the raw, living goodness,  made with different types of fresh, organic, locally sourced organic veggies. This one, loaded with anti-inflammatory turmeric and carrots, is full of gut-pleasing probiotics, as you can clearly see by the 'fizzing', visible in this picture, when you start to open it.

I also loved the kimchi. These 680g bottles were expensive, at about $15 a bottle, but with all this goodness, a little goes a long way. I ate a decent sized serving everyday and one bottle usually lasted me about a week, which is far less than the cost of probiotic supplements for a week. All varieties are gluten-free, vegan and made with lots of love