Yup. My latest wanderings have brought me to Medellin. The flight from Toronto was relatively painless, despite an unscheduled landing at the Bogota airport due to a ‘pothole in the runway.’ When we finally arrived, I was the air was cooler than I expected and the winding drive down from the high-altitude airport gave me my first glimpse of the city’s night lights in the valley. 

I’m here for the next month to teach yoga at Flying Tree Yoga and take some workshops as a part of Yoga Internship Colombia‘s program. The studio/my home while I’m here is in the Laurales neighbourhood, an up-and-coming area with beautiful tree-lines streets and lots of shops, restaurants and cafes near the university. 
My first day has already been productive and relaxing- I went to a writer’s workshop, watched my new roomies doing acro-yoga, ate some delicious mangos and explored Parque Llaras in one of the wealthier (and more touristy) areas called El Poblado.