Spring_dayI’ve been wanting to get out of the city for a while now (a while being the last month and half since I got back from Costa Rica) and have also been itching to get some clean water ever since I discovered last sumer that there are numerous freshwater springs around Ottawa. With warmer weather and spring finally on our doorstep, I thought the timing was right. I used Find A Spring, a great resource that maps out the location of springs around the world, to get directions to the Wakefield Spring, and recruited another health-conscious friend and her daughter for the fun afternoon. And for the car, to transport the many litres of water. It ended up being a beautiful day for the little road trip.

When I drink spring water, straight from the source, I feel more energized, clearer-minded and my general health is better. I really believe in learning from personal experience, so if it is accessible to you, I highly suggest switching up regular tap water for spring water for a few weeks  and seeing how you feel.  Find A Spring also has a great video about the health and ecological benefits of spring water.

I ended up with about 50 litres of cold, tasty water. I would have preferred to use large glass bottles, but these large plastic BPA-free jugs did the trick.  Just taking the time to get fresh water to drink is an exciting first step.

Where is the spring? Just 20 minutes drive outside of Ottawa, take Highway 5 North in Quebec into Wakefield. The exit is just after the Giant Tiger on the right side of the highway, just before the end of the 5. If you miss that exit, as we did, take the next one and loop around through the town. The spring is on Chemin Valley, just outside of the town's centre, and is very visible on the south side of the road.

Wakefield is a vibrant little town on the currently frozen Gatineau River. 

There a number of tiny cafes, shops and the popular Black Sheep Inn, which draws some big name bands, especially in the summer. It is definitely worth a visit.