With all the yoga and activity I’ve been doing here in Colombia, I find myself wanting to snack quite a bit to keep my energy up. Since I have more of a salty tooth than a craving for sweets, I took a peek at the grocery store to see what savoury treat I could whip up quickly and on a budget. Having tried plantain chips in other countries, I decided to try my hand at making fried plantains, and in the last few weeks it’s become a staple in my diet.
This starchy fruit that looks similar to a banana, is native to tropical regions and is quite low in sugar. Plantains can be steamed, fried or boiled and seasoned in any way you wish.

Here’s my easy recipe for cooking up some really tasty and satisfying plaintain chips.

Whole ingredients:

Olive oil (a splash to cover the bottom of your pan)

1 plantain- greener plantains will be less sweet

Turmeric powder, garlic powder, sea salt to taste


A knife

A frying pan

There’s really not much to this recipe- the key is the turmeric and garlic flavour. Simply peel and slice the plantain then add to the heated olive oil and fry ’til they’re crispy, flipping once. Keep the stove at high heat and put as much turmeric, garlic and salt as you’d like. I put tons of turmeric. So much so that I’ve become known as turmeric girl in my house. Make sure to watch them as they cook- they can get crispy really fast!

I sometimes enjoy them with some fresh tropic fruit, like this starfruit.