I found Pressed Juices soon after I moved to Melbourne, and was impressed by their wide range of fresh green juices, smoothies and almond milks. They are a higher end shop -the one I frequented is on the iconic and expensive Collins Street- and their juices reflect this. At around $9.00 each, they’re a bit dear, but the evident thought and care they put into creating the juices themselves and the excellent shopping experience never left me feeling overcharged. I purchased the bulk pass a number of times, which sells denominations of eight juices at a slight discount.

I was itching to do a juice cleanse for a few weeks, but could never fully justify spending just under $200 on it. I decided that I would work at my job a couple of days longer than I had initially planned and treat myself to it in the week before I left Australia. I also cut back on my spending leading up to it by living a lot more frugally.   The timing ended up being perfect. It felt really good to detox a bit and get myself in a new mind frame before I travelled and separated from Robi.