There are so many articles, books and people out there advising us to ‘do what you love’ that’s it’s become an acronym. Yes, there are also articles that advise against this, and suggest instead learning to love what you do unless you want to be penniless and living on the street painting crappy artwork for pennies.

I can certainly see both sides of the coin, and yes, we all have to make a living, but I’m a firm believer that if you feel you have something you’re meant to share,  you should find a way to share it, even if it means sacrificing other things that society, our parents or friends tell us we ‘should’ want and pursue.

The books telling us to chase our dreams offer ideas for how to figure out what it is what you love, and then go after it.These are of course helpful, but in my experience, the hardest part of the equation can be to extricate ourselves from our day-to-day lives: the routine of going to work, socializing, finding time to relax- not to mention any bad habits and attachments we may have that don’t serve us. Sometimes we lose sight of HOW to do what it is we want to do, even when we know what that is. But it is possible.

In my first week here in Colombia, I had already taught a workshop on Yoga Nidra, a couple of yoga classes, and given a Reiki session. I’d written an article which has been published on Elephant Journal, booked two private clients for therapeutic yoga classes and made strides in so many other areas. People are asking about my services and want to schedule time with me for my healing and yoga sessions.

It makes me so grateful, and also really made me reflect on why I haven’t been teaching, offering Reiki or writing as much as I’d like to in Ottawa. Travel with the intention to be healthy, active and mindful has always stimulated my creative side and allowed me to share more and make more connections with a like-minded community.

Why does it take leaving to gain space to share the things I really want to share and do the things I really want to do?

I was really, really scared to come here. I also knew that the fear I was feeling wasn’t the kind that should prevent me from doing it. I keep travelling because it allows me to keep true to my heart, which tells me to find ways to share what it is I have to give- yoga, reiki, and my unique perspective in any way I can, even if that means I need to go halfway across the world to find the space to do so at this point in my life.

In a full moon fire ceremony last night, my housemates and I wrote down situations, feelings, people, habits or other things we were ready to release and burnt them in our courtyard, allowing the power of the full moon to help us let go of these things that were using up our energy. My list was somewhat long.

By first recognizing the things that keep us stuck in certain situations, we can take steps to detach from them and move towards sharing our gifts.

If you enjoy what you’re doing, are truly happy with your life, and have no urge to do anything differently, then great! But if any of this resonates with you, I encourage you to really look at what you can release from your life however you need to, and mindful travel can certainly provide that change of perspective.