If you’ve been to Australia you probably noticed that they love their takeaway shops. There’s a mom-and-pop place on almost every corner, even in residential neighbourhoods. Though I really like to support local businesses, and would have loved to have a quick meal option near home, they often sold food that I would be reluctant to eat even if I wasn’t eating a plant-based diet. The standard Australian favourites like pies (chicken pot pies, beef pies, sometimes a vegetarian option thrown in the mix) were available, as well as the usual standby: chips and gravy. Definitely not the most healthy, nor were they very appetizing looking. In Melbourne they still had their fair share of these types of shops, but thankfully there were quite a few other options for food on the go. These three healthy takeaway shops are noteworthy in their quality offerings for vegetarians, vegans and people with food sensitivities or following specialty diets. As far as taste goes, read on to see which were my favourites.